We offer a variety of services to guide landlords to make the right decisions when it comes to finances, legal issues and marketing. Our blog posts focus on valuable tips for landlords so that you can improve your work standards. We provide an array of information on residential landlord and tenant law and practice in the UK. Whether you’re a first time buyer or are having some issues with your tenants or finances, we’re here to help. It is important to understand tenant penalties for breaching tenancy rules, tenancy rights and misconceptions about rent. This blog provides information to promote comment and discussion and influence the decisions you make as a landlord. With some well needed advice and a further understanding of legal procedures, you will be on the road to success in no time.

Some of the categories NFRL discuss include:

  • Landlord rights
  • Forms and documentation
  • Tenant eviction
  • Legal issues
  • Finding tenants
  • Complaints
  • Mortgages
  • Buying and investing
  • Tenant advice
  • Finances, taxes and saving costs
  • Using letting agents and insurance.


We discuss anything from listing letting agents and reviews to simply informing you of how you’re your tenancy agreement should be. We review various local agents and look at some of the top complaints landlords and tenants are talking about to keep you up to date and aware of new practices. Guides on how to rent properties and new law section rules regularly update therefore it is essential to be kept well informed on a day to day basis.

That’s where we come in, to guide you on the best landlord practices and prevent you from being drawn in to excessive letting agent and maintenance fees. With guides on how to terminate tenancy agreements, what to look out for with student lettings and what you should know before you become a landlord, you are on your way to being well equipped with the complete information you need.